Min's Karate Academy Demo Team


Upcoming practices:
20 February
27 February
6 March

THANK YOU EVERYONE for a great job at the Break-A-Thon. We have received many compliments on the performance!

IMPORTANT: We will have practice every Saturday from 10:30 to 12:00. ALL Demo Team members are expected to show up for EVERY practice unless a cancelled date is listed on this page. This is a requirement for remaining on the team.

Obviously there are legitimate reasons to miss, but this is the base expectation and advanced notification will be expected. As with any team, regular attendance at practice is essential for the team to be effective.

If you need to contact Lois, you can either call 379-6574 or e-mail her at lois@minsdemoteam.com.

You MUST check this web page regularly for updates on upcoming events and extra practice sessions. The phone tag routine is time consuming and not at all effective. Checking this page is your responsibility as a Demo Team member.

If practice is cancelled because of weather or another reason, it will be posted on this page. We will no longer be calling everyone for a cancellation, so if it isn't posted here you are to assume your presence is required. This is also true for extra practices, no calls, you must check this site.